UCI Orientation

Frequently Asked Questions

General Orientation Questions

What is SPOP?
SPOP stands for Student Parent Orientation Program, UCI's summer orientation for incoming undergraduate students.
Why is Orientation mandatory?
Orientation is you opportunity to meet current and incoming UCI students, to learn about campus structure and resources, to identify opportunities of which you'd like to take advantage, and receive academic advising while signing up for classes. All of these things are vital to your success and happiness as a UCI student, and it is the best way to get your experience at UCI started of in the right way.
How do I sign up for Orientation?
You don’t need to sign up for Orientation! You will be randomly assigned to a SPOP or TSPOP. To find out which program you’ve been assigned to, login to your SPOP Dashboard.
I'm in a later SPOP. Will classes still be available if I'm signing up later in the summer?

UCI builds course sizes and schedules around admissions number each year to ensure that there are enough classes for students to take in order to make progress towards their degrees. In addition, your Academic Advisors reserve seats in many classes, so regardless of which program you are assigned to, you will be able to sign up for general education classes or major required classes.

That doesn't mean that no courses will fill up before your SPOP date. However, there will be opportunities to take courses you might have wanted to take in a future quarter, and each school works hard to make sure there is enough space in courses so that progress can always be made towards your major.

How much does Orientation cost? What is included?
For 2021, Orientation will cost $120.00. Orientation is a self-funded program, so this fee covers the Canvas modules, academic advising, and the SPOP/TSPOP Welcome Mixer. It also covers the costs for salaries for the Professional Staff and Student Coordinators who organize Orientation at UCI.
How do I pay for Orientation?
The Orientation fee will be billed to your student billing account (Zotbill) in September. You can find out more about Zotbill, and the entire billing process, at the following website: http://www.reg.uci.edu/fees/billing.html
Does financial aid cover the cost of Orientation?

In many cases, financial aid can be used to cover the orientation fee. However, it's best to check with UCI Billing if you have any concerns or questions.

Canvas Modules

What is Canvas?
Canvas is an online learning tool that we'll be using to review presentations, videos, and resources to prepare you for life at UCI. There will be 5 modules with different themes for you to complete at your own pace.
When do I need to complete the SPOP Canvas modules?
You can complete the modules at your own pace! We'll be releasing the first 4 modules weekly starting June 14. The last module about preparing for Fall Quarter will be available in early September. You do not need to complete the modules before you receive academic advising, though we highly recommend it!
How do I access the Canvas modules?
You can get a direct link to your SPOP Canvas modules on your SPOP Dashboard.
I can’t find my SPOP Canvas modules, what should I do?
If you can't find your SPOP Canvas modules, you can chat with us using our chatbox in the bottom right corner of this site, or send us an email at orientation@uci.edu.

Academic Advising

What is academic advising?
Academic advising is a session where you will meet your advisor, who will help you understand the requirements for graduation, classes for your major, and guide you through signing up for classes.
How do I sign up for classes?

Your academic school will contact you with instructions to prepare for advising, including any pre-advising modules and details for your session.

For domestic first-year students, you will sign up for classes based on your assigned SPOP. Login to your SPOP Dashboard to check which SPOP you will be attending for advising and any pre-advising instructions.

For international first-year students and transfer students, you will be contacted by your academic advisor directly with instructions on how to attend an advising session and sign up for Fall quarter. 

How do I contact my academic advisor?

Use our chatbox at the bottom right corner of the website and we can connect you with your academic advisor!

What if I can’t attend my advising session?

For domestic first-year students, you can submit an Exception Request to reschedule your SPOP. The Exception Request form is available on your SPOP Dashboard.

For international first-year students and transfer students, you can contact your academic advisor directly to reschedule your advising session.

I missed my academic advising session. How do I reschedule?
Contact your academic advisors to reschedule your session. Failure to do so will result in not having classes for Fall 2021.
Can I switch my major?
Most schools will not be accepting change of major requests until after September 1st. You can review the Academic Advising page to check if your academic school is accepting change of major requests.

Welcome Mixer

What is the Welcome Mixer?
The Welcome Mixer is a 2-hour Zoom call to socialize and meet both current UCI students and other new students!
What if I can’t attend the Welcome Mixer?
The Welcome Mixer is a mandatory part of Orientation. If you cannot attend, you can submit an Exception Request, which can be found of your SPOP Dashboard.

CARE Workshop

What is CARE?
UCI CARE stands for the Campus Assault Resources and Education. They provides free and confidential support services to members of the UCI community who have been impacted by sexual assault, relationship abuse, family violence and/or stalking.
What is the CARE Workshop?
One of the main components of SPOP for the summer of 2021 is a CARE Workshop. You will have a designated workshop with UCI CARE where you will learn about ways that you can join your peers to create a safer community at UCI and the services available to individuals at the CARE office. Attendance will be taken to ensure you have received the necessary information.
When is my CARE Workshop?
You can find your assigned CARE Workshop on your SPOP Dashboard. Attendance will be taken to ensure you have received the necessary information. We encourage you to register for the workshop, but it is not required. Registering will allow the presenters to better prepare for your potential questions.
What if I cannot attend the CARE Workshop?
If you cannot attend this session due to scheduling conflicts, do not submit an exception request. Instead, please contact Melissa Bader-Huesgen at mbaderhu@uci.edu to reschedule your session.

Parents, Guardians, & Families

Will there be information relevant to parents during orientation?
Yes! On August 17, 2021, we will be launching our Parent Website in both English and Spanish. Students can sign up their family members to receive email notifications on their SPOP Dashboard under the "Parents/Guardians" tab.