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Welcome to UC Irvine New Student Orientation!

We are thrilled you are considering UCI as one of your college options. We have different programs for incoming Freshmen and Transfers. Please see Graduate Student Orientation if you are a graduate student.

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What Program and Information is Right for Me?

2017 Summer Orientation Dates

July 7 Transfer Success A
July 11 Transfer Success B
July 14 - 15 SPOP 1
July 19 - 20 SPOP 2
July 24 - 25 SPOP 3
July 29 - 30 SPOP 4 (Additional Parent Spanish Program Offered)
August 4 - 5 SPOP 5
August 9 - 10 SPOP 6
August 14 - 15 SPOP 7
August 18 - 19 SPOP 8 (Additional Parent Spanish Program Offered)
August 23 - 24 SPOP 9
August 28 - 29 SPOP 10
August 28 - 29 T-SPOP
September 19 - 21 International Student Orientation (ISO)

Freshmen Students

It is MANDATORY for all freshmen students to attend an orientation program. They must attend either the Student Parent Orientation Program (SPOP) or the International Student Orientation (ISO). 

Student Parent Orientation Program (SPOP) 
The Student Parent Orientation Program, or SPOP, is a mandatory two-day and one-night program for domestic and international students. Parents and guardians may attend on Day 2 of the program. 

Students who attend SPOP must attend a program at which their academic school is present. Not all academic schools will be present at each SPOP. Academic school participation will be posted in May. 

Two Spanish programs will be offered for parents and guardians on Day 2 of SPOP 4 (Sunday, July 30) & SPOP 8 (Saturday, August 19). To learn more about Spanish SPOP, please click here

International Student Orientation (ISO) 
The International Student Orientation, or ISO, is a mandatory three-day and two-night program for international students who cannot attend a SPOP

Transfer Students

Transfer orientation programs are optional for students. 

Transfer Success 
Transfer Success is a one-day program for Transfer students, parents and guardians. Transfer Success is an opportunity to connect with essential campus resources, staff, faculty, and current students. Please contact your academic school directly for more information about Academic Advising: HERE 

Transfer Student Parent Orientation Program (T-SPOP) 
The Transfer Student Parent Orientation Program, or T-SPOP, is a two-day and one-night program for transfer students. Parents and guardians may attend on Day 2 of the program. 

Please note that you do not yet have access to make an Orientation reservation. You will be emailed with more information. Thank you for your patience. 

Program Fees

SPOP Student $295*
SPOP Parent/Guardian $57
ISO $365
Transfer Success $45

*Students attending SPOP may qualify for a reduced fee based on need. This is determined by your Financial Aid package. Be sure to submit all documents to the Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships as soon as possible to receive your financial aid package. 

*Students who sign up for the Freshman Edge program by Friday, May 26, 2017 at 5:00pm will be entered into an opportunity drawing, where one student will win two Disneyland tickets. Visit their site to learn more about Freshmen Edge.

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