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Welcome to UC Irvine New Student Orientation!

We are thrilled you are considering UCI as one of your college options. We have different programs for incoming Freshmen and Transfers. If you are a graduate student, please see Graduate Student Orientation.

Students can still make a reservation. Click on Freshman or Transfer then click  on Reservation.

What Program and Information is Right for Me?

Transfers Info

Transfer Pre-Orientation Program (TPOW)

What you need to know about UCI and your academic career before you come to campus for orientation.

Transfer Pre-Orientation Program (TPOW)


Academic Advising Appointments (MANDATORY)

All incoming transfer students are required to attend a mandatory academic advising session this summer.

During the session you will receive academic advising and enroll in fall quarter courses. The academic school of your major will email you information about the session in June; be sure to sign up and attend by the deadlines specified in that email. 

Click here for a list of Undergraduate Academic Counseling Offices.


Transfer Orientation Reservations(OPTIONAL)

Domestic and International Transfers:
Orientation is optional but highly encouraged. You can choose from either Transfer Student Parent Orientation Program (TSPOP) - a 2-day-1-night orientation for transfers looking for a comprehensive introduction to UCI - or mini-Transfer Student Parent Orientation Program (mini-TSPOP) - An efficient one day orientation to cover the basics of a successful transition to UCI. Academic advising is NOT included in either of these programs, but a great deal of helpful information will be shared. The school of your major will be e-mailing you with more information about academic advising in June.

Transfer Student Parent Orientation Program (TSPOP) is a comprehensive 2-day, 1-night orientation program that includes all the elements of mini-TSPOP, plus many social activities and a second day of workshops on a range of helpful topics for new transfer students.

$305 per student
$57 per parent/guardian
Additional $10 for linen for students (optional)

mini-TSPOP is a 1-day orientation designed to help new transfer students make a smooth transition to life at UCI with information about UCI resources, opportunities to meet current UCI students and other new transfers, and a chance to ask all your questions before classes begin! 

$45 per person (non-refundable)

2018 Summer Orientation Dates

July 6 mini-TSPOP A
July 10 mini-TSPOP B
August 27 - 28 TSPOP

Click here for the New Student Checklist for Transfers