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Transfer Orientation

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Transfer Orientation

SPOP Dashboard

All information about your orientation can be found on your SPOP Dashboard: https://reserve.orientation.uci.edu/

What is TSPOP?

The Transfer Student Parent Orientation Program (TSPOP) includes all of the content from SPOP, with additional content focused specifically on topics and resources for Transfer students.

There are four mandatory components to TSPOP this summer.

1. Academic Advising & Course Registration

This session will review the catalogue of classes, major requirements, how to register for classes. You will meet with your academic advisors for this session.

You will be contacted directly by your academic school to schedule this session. 

Note: You do not need to complete the other aspects of TSPOP before receiving academic advising. For most transfer students, advising will occur before the rest of the TSPOP activities listed below.

2. Canvas Modules

Starting on June 14, you will have access to Canvas, a platform that UCI uses to present course materials.

Your TSPOP Canvas will be divided into modules that will have presentations, videos, and resources for you to learn more about UCI and how you can thrive as a new student.

There will be 5 modules with different themes such as academic success, getting involved in clubs and organizations, and wellness & safety on and off campus. The first 4 modules will be released weekly starting Monday, June 14. The final module about preparing for Fall Quarter will be available in early September.

Each module should take 1-2 hours to complete.

3. TSPOP Welcome Mixer

This is your opportunity to socialize and start connecting with current and new students!

You will be randomly assigned to a TSPOP Welcome Mixer, which will be hosted from 6:00-8:00pm PST via Zoom. Login to your SPOP Dashboard to find out which TSPOP you will be attending.

The dates for the TSPOP Welcome Mixers are listed below:

TSPOP 1 Monday, August 16
TSPOP 2 Wednesday, August 18
TSPOP 3 Friday, August 20
TSPOP 4 Tuesday, August 24
TSPOP 5 Thursday, August 26
TSPOP 6 Monday, August 30

4. CARE Workshop

You will have a designated workshop with UCI CARE, where you will learn about ways that you can join your peers to create a safer community at UCI and the services available to individuals at the CARE office. More details will be posted soon, as well as emailed to you. Attendance will be taken to ensure you have received the necessary information.

How much will SPOP cost?

Orientation will be $120.00.

The Orientation fee will be billed to your student account (Zotbill) in September.

Orientation is a self-sustaining program, and the fee includes all aspects of TSPOP: Canvas modules, Academic Advising, and the TSPOP Welcome Mixer. It also covers the costs for salaries for the Professional Staff and Student Coordinators who organize Orientation at UCI.