UCI Orientation

Transfer Orientation

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Welcome incoming Transfer Students!

Transfer students (domestic and international) are highly encouraged to attend one of our Transfer Student Parent Orientation Programs (TSPOP):

mini-TSPOP is a one-day orientation program designed to help new transfer students make a smooth transition to life at UCI with information about campus resources, opportunities to meet current UCI students and other new transfers, and a chance to ask all your questions before classes begin!

TSPOP is a two-day, one-night orientation program that includes all the elements of mini-TSPOP, plus many social activities and a second day of workshops on a range of helpful topics for new transfer students.

More information about orientation reservations will be emailed to students to their UCI email in late-May.

Program Dates for Transfer Orientation

Though orientation is optional for transfer students, academic advising is mandatory and must be completed prior to arriving to UCI in the fall.

Academic advising will not take place during any of the orientation programs for Transfer students. Your academic school will contact you with more information about academic advising and course registration. If you have any questions about academic advising, please contact your academic school directly.

2019 Program Dates

mini-TSPOP A July 3
mini-TSPOP B July 6
TSPOP August 21 - 22

Program Fees for Transfer Orientation

Orientation is a non-profit, self-sustaining program that does not receive funding from the university. Fees for orientation programs are not billed to student’s accounts and must be paid prior to arriving at orientation.

Student Program Fees

mini-Transfer Student Parent Orientation Program (mini-TSPOP) - $45 per student

  • Includes the one-day program and two meals on campus.

Transfer Student Parent Orientation Program (SPOP) - $305 per student 

  • Includes the two-day program with one overnight on-campus accommodations in the residence halls and four meals on campus.

Parent & Family Program Fees

For parents/guardians whose transfer student will be attending TSPOP or mini-TSPOP, we offer a one-day program.

mini-TSPOP Parent Orientation Program - $45 per guest

  • Includes the one-day program and two meals on campus.
  • Program Dates: July 3 and July 6

TSPOP Parent Orientation Program - $57 per guest

  • Includes the one-day program held concurrent to the second day of TSPOP and two meals on campus.
  • Program Date: August 22