UCI Orientation

First-Year Orientation

First-Year Orientation

Welcome Incoming First-Year Students!

It is mandatory for all incoming first-year students to attend an orientation program:

The Student Parent Orientation Program (SPOP) is a 2-day 1-night orientation program that includes academic advising, course registration, information on important student resources and services, social activities, and lots of opportunities to make friends with incoming and current UCI students! Students will be staying the night on campus in one of our First-Year housing communities. Parents/guests who are attending will not be staying overnight on campus. 

The International Student Parent Orientation Program (ISPOP) is a 2-day 1-night orientation program designed specifically for international first-year students who did not attend high school in the US. If you are an international first-year student, please refer to the International Orientation page to determine which orientation program is right for you.  

This year, Orientation will be hosted in-person on campus! There will also be several online components to orientation for students to complete at their own pace throughout the summer. 

The in-person portion of SPOP includes academic advising, course registration, workshops and presentations on UCI resources, and the opportunity to meet current and incoming UCI students!

The online portion of orientation will be hosted on Canvas. This will help you get familiar with Canvas before classes begin. The content assigned to you on Canvas will help you prepare for life at UCI, and you will be able to complete it at your own pace during the summer.

Your academic school will also have online content you will need to complete before you attend your in-person program. You will be able to access this in the near future, please be sure to check your UCI email address (the email that ends in @uci.edu) regularly.

In order to make a reservation, please go here: reserve.orientation.uci.edu. Note that you will not be able to make a reservation until your window opens.

Orientation staff cannot make a reservation on your behalf. Please do not book travel accommodations to UCI until your reservation is confirmed.

Program Dates & Fees

Students will receive academic advising and register for their Fall Quarter courses during the program. Since programs fill quickly and space is limited, we encourage students to make reservations to attend SPOP as soon as their reservation window opens. Please do not make travel arrangements until you’ve completed the reservation process. Please note that not all academic schools will be present at every program. Please see the scheudle of what schools are participating at each program below.

Check-In and Check-Out


Check-in on Day 1 begins at 7:30 AM

Check-out on Day 2 is at 5:00 PM


Check-in on Day 2 begins at 8:20 AM

Parent Orientation ends at 5:00 PM





Monday July 11, 2022 - Tuesday July 12, 2022

Student Fee: $345

Guest Fee: $57


Friday July 15, 2022 - Saturday July 16, 2022

Student Fee: $345

Guest Fee: $57


Wednesday July 20, 2022 - Thursday July 21, 2022

Student Fee: $345

Guest Fee: $57


Monday July 25, 2022 - Tuesday July 26, 2022

Student Fee: $345

Guest Fee: $57


Friday July 29, 2022 - Saturday July 30, 2022

Student Fee: $345

Guest Fee: $57


Tuesday August 2, 2022 - Wednesday August 3, 2022

Student Fee: $345

Guest Fee: $57


Saturday August 6, 2022 - Sunday August 7, 2022

Student Fee: $345

Guest Fee: $57


Wednesday August 10, 2022 - Thursday August 11, 2022

Student Fee: $345

Geust Fee: $57


Tuesday August 16, 2022 - Wednesday August 17, 2022

Student Fee: $345

Guest Fee: $57

   School    Programs School will be Present
   Arts    SPOP 1, 2, 3, 5, 7 & 9
   Biological Sciences    All SPOPs
   Business    SPOP 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7 & 8
   Education    SPOP 1, 2, 5, 6, & 8
   Engineering    All SPOPs
   Humanities    All SPOPs
   Information & Computer Sciences    All SPOPs
   Nursing    SPOP 1 & 5
   Public Health    All SPOPs
   Pharmacy    SPOP 1, 3, 5, 8 & 9
   Physical Sciences    All SPOPs
   Social Ecology    All SPOPs
   Social Scienes    All SPOPs
   Undecided/Undeclared    All SPOPs

Important Information

Freshman Edge and Summer Bridge

If you are participating in Freshman Edge or the Summer Bridge program, you will still need to sign up for a SPOP. These programs run separately from orientation, and they are not substitutes for orientation. 

Please note that for Summer Bridge students, attendance at SPOP 5 is mandatory, so if you signed up for a different program, we will automatically move you to SPOP 5. Summer Bridge participants will be moving into their housing for the summer during SPOP.

It is highly recommended that you make a reservation for SPOP 5 if you plan on participating in Freshman Edge. Freshman Edge participants who attend SPOP 5 will be moving into their housing for the summer during SPOP 5. If you are participating in Freshmen Edge and choose to reserve a spot in a program other than SPOP 5, we will not move your program. You will need to attend the SPOP date in which you made your reservation. If you absolutely cannot attend SPOP 5, we highly recommend attending any program before SPOP 5, as to not interfere with your summer class schedule. If you can only reserve a spot in a program after SPOP 5, please choose one that works with your class schedule if possible.

If you are unable to reserve a spot in a program that does not conflict with your classes, please work with your professors to take time off from class to attend your mandatory orientation. Visit the Freshman Edge website for more information about Freshman Edge. 

California Alliance for Minority Participation (CAMP) participants

If you are participating in CAMP, you do not need to attend SPOP. If you make a reservation in SPOP but are also identified as a CAMP student, we will automatically cancel your SPOP reservation. CAMP provides an orientation to UCI to its participants, and it is a substitute for SPOP. Please reach out to your CAMP advisor with any questions.