UCI Orientation

First-Year Orientation

Section 1

Welcome incoming First-Year Students!

It is mandatory for all incoming first-year students to attend an orientation program:

Student Parent Orientation Program (SPOP) is a two-day, one-night orientation program that includes academic advising, course registration, information on important student resources and services, social activities, and lots of opportunities to make friends!

International Student Parent Orientation Program (ISPOP) is a three-day, two-night orientation program designed specifically for international first-years who did not attend high school in the U.S. ISPOP includes many of the same elements as SPOP with additional information tailored to the needs of international students who are new to the U.S. 

Note: If you are an international first-year student, please refer to the International Orientation page to determine which orientation program is right for you.

Program Dates for First-Year Orientation

First-year students must attend a SPOP in which their academic school is present. Students will receive academic advising and register for their Fall Quarter courses during the program. Since programs fill quickly and space is limited, we encourage students to make reservations to attend SPOP as soon as their reservation window opens.

More information about orientation reservations will be emailed to students to their UCI email in late-May.

2019 Program Dates

July 12 - 13 SPOP 1
July 17 - 18 SPOP 2
July 23 - 24 SPOP 3
July 27 - 28 SPOP 4
August 2 - 3 SPOP 5 *^
August 7 - 8 SPOP 6
August 12 - 13 SPOP 7
August 16 - 17 SPOP 8 *
August 21 - 22 SPOP 9
September 17 - 19 ISPOP

Day 2 Parent Program Offered en Español

Highly encouraged for Freshmen Edge participants

Academic School Participation

Academic School Programs Present
Arts SPOP 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 9
Biological Sciences All SPOP Dates
Business All SPOP Dates
Education SPOP 1, 2, 4, 5
Engineering All SPOP Dates
Humanities SPOP 1, 2, 4, 5, 8, 9
Information & Computer Science All SPOP Dates
Nursing SPOP 3, 5
Pharmaceutical Sciences All SPOP Dates
Physical Sciences All SPOP Dates
Public Health All SPOP Dates
Social Ecology All SPOP Dates
Social Sciences All SPOP Dates
Undergraduate / Undeclared All SPOP Dates

Program Fees for First-Year Orientation

Orientation is a non-profit, self-sustaining program that does not receive funding from the university. All incoming first-year students are mandated by the university to attend orientation. Fees for orientation programs are not billed to student’s accounts and must be paid prior to arriving at orientation.

Student Program Fees

Student Parent Orientation Program (SPOP) - $305 per student 

  • Includes the two-day program with one overnight on-campus accommodations in the residence halls and four meals on campus.

International Student Parent Orientation Program (ISPOP) - $415 per student

  • Includes the three-day program with two overnight on-campus accommodations in the residence halls and seven meals on campus.

Parent & Family Program Fees

We offer one-day programs for parents and families that run concurrent to all of our student programs. These programs are optional.

For parents/guardians whose student is attending SPOP, in addition to the one-day program (Parent Orientation Program), we also offer an overnight program (Overnight Parent & Guardian Orientation Program).

Parent Orientation Program - $57 per guest

  • Includes the one-day program held concurrent to the second day of SPOP and two meals on campus.
  • Available on the second day of every SPOP. Please refer to the First-Year Orientation Program Dates listed above.

Overnight Parent & Guardian Orientation Program - $305 per guest

  • Includes the two-day program with one overnight on-campus accommodations in the residence halls and four meals on campus.
  • Will only be offered for SPOP 4 (July 27-28) and SPOP 5 (August 2-3).

Orientación en Español - $57 cada persona

  • El programa dura un día completo en el segundo día de SPOP. El programa es ofrecido en español.
  • Fechas de Orientación en Español: SPOP 5 (Agusto 2-3) y SPOP 8 (Agusto 16-17).