UCI Orientation

Parents, Guardians, & Families

Parents, Guardians, and Families

Welcome Parents, Guardians, and Families!

You are now part of the UCI family, and we’re happy you have joined us. Orientation is an important part of your student’s start at UCI. We want to thank you for being part of your student’s journey and success. We know that you have played a large part in their life, and welcome you to the Anteater Family where you will continue playing a part in their success!

We encourage you to participate in a respective Parent Orientation Program, which will provide you with information to help you support your student during their transition to UCI. We offer programs specific to families of first-year and transfer. 

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Program Options for Parents and Families

We offer 1 day programs for parents and families that run concurrently to all of our student programs. These are optional programs. There are not any separate activities for siblings or young children

Families of First-Year Students

For parents/guardians whose student is attending SPOP, we offer 1 day Parent Orientation Programs on the second day of each SPOP. Please see the Program Dates and Fees for dates and fees. Please note that if you would like to attend a different program than the one your student is attending, that is an available option. Parents/family members attending will not be staying overnight on campus, and they will only be joining us on Day 2 of SPOP.

Families of Transfer Students

For parents/guardians whose transfer student will be attending a mini-TSPOP, you are able to reserve a spot in mini-TSPOP as well. 

For parents/guardians whose transfer student will be attending TSPOP, we offer a 1 day Parent Orientation Program on the second day of TSPOP, Wednesday August 17, 2022.

Parents/guardians of transfer students can also choose to attend a parent program during one of our first year programs. Please see the available dates here.