Having UCInetID Login Trouble?

The Anteater Zot Start website and the Transfer Pre-Orientation Website may be experiencing technical difficulties with certain UCInetIDs. Please try accessing the site later.


Here are some reasons why a new student with a valid UCInetID may experience trouble logging in to some UCI websites...

Reason Description
Administrative Processing Time Access to some UCI websites is restricted to specific UCInetIDs and sometimes there is a delay between when a UCInetID is created or authorized and when a website recognizes that UCInetID.
Applicant vs. Student Status An "applicant" UCInetID is typically restricted to specific websites associated with admissions and application processing only. An "applicant" is usually transitioned to "student" in early May after the Statement of Intent to Register has been processed and new student data is made available to departments on campus.
UCInetID Not Activated UCInetIDs must be activated before using.
Others Other less-common reasons may include but are not limited to things like having a UCInetID block activated due to student abuse or policy violation, having multiple UCInetIDs, or the authentication system experiencing technical issues.