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Academic Advising

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Academic Advising

Academic advising and course registration will be hosted virtually this summer.

What is academic advising?

Academic advising is where you will meet your advisor, who will help you understand the requirements for graduation, classes for your major, and guide you through signing up for classes. 

When will I sign up for classes?

For domestic first-year students, your SPOP will determine when you will meet with your academic advisor. You will find out when this session will be on June 14, 2021.

For international first-year students and transfers students, you will be contacted by your academic advisor directly with instructions on how to attend an advising session and sign up for classes for Fall quarter.

I missed my academic advising session. How do I sign up for classes?

Contact your academic advisors directly to find out how to reschedule your session. Failure to do so will result in not having classes for Fall Quarter 2021.

Change of Major Requests

Some schools are accepting change of major requests during the summer.

If a school is not listed, they are not accepting change of major requests this summer.

If you are interested in changing your major to one within any of the following schools, please contact them directly before July 1st. If you do not make this deadline, these schools will not accept requests until after September 1st.

Claire Trevor School of the Arts

Change of majors will only be accepted for those who want to change their major to either Art or Drama. We will be accepting these change of majors until July 1. Students who want to change after September 1 will be TBD, depending on availability. Students who want to change their major to either Dance or Music will need to audition. Dance students can reach out to the department at dance@uci.edu for more information. Music students can check on the Music Department website starting August 1 to see when the dates for the auditions in January 2022.

School of Education

All degrees in the School of Education will be accepting change of majors.

School of Humanities

All degrees in the School of Humanities will be accepting change of majors.

School of Physical Sciences

We are accepting Change of Majors to all majors in Physical Sciences, with the exception of Mathematics. Students who are interested in Mathematics can request change of major to Physical Sciences Undeclared while working on meeting the change of major requirements.

School of Public Health

Students may change their majors into both Public Health Policy and Public Health Sciences.

School of Social Ecology

We are accepting freshman change of majors only before July 1st.


Students should contact Norma Arevalo at narevalo@uci.edu and put in the Subject line: Fall 2021 Change of Major Request.

If you are interested in changing into a major in a school that is not listed above, you must wait until Fall Quarter. Visit Change of Major Criteria to review the necessary tasks to change your major.

For a complete list of Undergraduate Majors and Minors visit the General Catalogue.